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Summer is over and induction week is upon us but there’s still plenty of time before the real work starts, right? Actually, no! Now is the perfect time to get ahead of your friends and start to prepare for a placement. Nobody is expecting a 4 page essay on the perfect job but there are some (not too challenging) things that you can be doing to put you in good stead for securing a placement.


What was your favourite part of first year? (Friday nights not included)
First year is over and it’s time to decide what you liked and what you didn’t. Spending some time to think about the kind of subjects you are interested in will help influence the kind of job you are looking for. Even if you haven’t enjoyed certain parts of your course, it’s not wasted. At least you now know what you don’t enjoy. Remember, you don’t have to be certain about the direction in which you take your career but doing the things you enjoy will help! (more…)


Selling your Skills on Applications: Why it’s Important and How to do it

For this week’s post Lynn Gregory from the Placements Team guides you through a subject that comes up regularly in 1-to-1s; the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of selling your skills on a placement application.

As we all know, applying for placements is a highly competitive process with the sourcing, researching and initial application process demanding your ongoing commitment and time, so how can you maximise the chances of your application being shortlisted for the next stage of an organisation’s application process?


The opportunities are endless

In this blog we hear from Ranvir Thiarra, BA (Hons) Sports Management, who is currently on placement with PUMA.

Puma trainers image Ranvir Thiarra

Working at PUMA has been one of the coolest experiences of my life so far!

The opportunities are endless and the people that I have got to know and have been able to learn from have been awesome. You really feel part of the team at PUMA and are never looked at differently because of the ‘intern’ status.

Puma office - Sea Containers London

When I started PUMA had just moved offices to the brand new Sea Containers which is situated right on the Thames in Central London. Although I have been living at home in Bedfordshire and commuting every day, I have still been able to live the London life. (more…)

Passionate? How do you demonstrate it in your placement applications?

So, you’ve found your dream placement, you’ve got all the skills and attributes they’re looking for and you know you could do the job but how do you demonstrate the ‘passion’ they’re looking for? In our latest blog Anna Worsley, Placements and Project Coordinator, offers her hints and tips for demonstrating passion to an employer.

A quick scan of the vacancies on our system shows that recruiters are looking for more than your academic prowess and your transferable skills such as communication and teamwork skills they’re looking for you to demonstrate passion;

  • “Passion for sport and fashion”
  • “Passion for marketing”
  • “Interest and knowledge of cars”
  • “Passion for money saving”
  • “Strong interest in gaming”
  • “knowledge of the film and entertainment industry”

How can you evidence and demonstrate your passion to employers? (more…)

Placement searching: a student’s guide

In our latest blog Alice Sharpe, BA (Hons) Sports Management and Marketing, offers her top tips to help you in your placement search.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Hi I’m Alice,  a 20 year old Triathlete studying Sports Management and Marketing here at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’m currently on a placement year at Manchester City Council, where I am working as part of the Major Sports Events team. I’m really enjoying seeing my passion for sport turn into a career.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when searching for a placement so here are MY top tips;

  1. Start looking early:

Think of what sort of job field you would like to go into, check you have the right sort of experience. If you don’t you will have started early enough to go and get this experience. Look for volunteering opportunities via the Union’s Volunteer bureau; it’s a fantastic resource and a chance to network! You never know who you might meet. (more…)

What is it really like working at high profile sporting events?

In our latest blog post final year student, Laura Hobday, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, tells us about her placement year, what she gained and why taking a placement year was the best decision she’s ever made.

In May 2013 I was just about to give up looking for a placement. I’d applied for a few online though MMU’s placement vacancy system  but hadn’t received an interview for any. I then received a phone call from a Manager who I worked for the previous summer. Sodexo Prestige is a Global catering company and I was lucky enough to work the London 2012 Olympics/Paralympics with them. Here I worked hard to make great contacts. When a position in the Commercial Department at Ascot Racecourse became available, they called me to offer me the position for my placement year. (more…)