PPC Analyst

What is it really like working as a Junior PPC Analyst?

In this blog Keziah Davies, BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management, provides an insight into her time on placement as a Junior PPC (pay per click) Analyst at Quintessential Finance Ltd.  Here’s her ‘day in the life of’ overview;

Placement student, Keziah Davies

5:50 am: My several alarms, set at three minute intervals, go off. The best tip I can give here is do not press snooze no matter how tempting it is, especially when you wake up and it is still dark outside!

6:30 am: Showered and dressed, I quickly eat my breakfast (if I have the time).

6:45 am: I leave for my placement in Macclesfield. Quintessential Finance Ltd have two company car parks so I commute daily. If you do decide to commute then allow at least 15 minutes leeway – the motorways are unpredictable, and country lanes are even worse!

 8:00 am: At my desk, firing up all the required programs and usually making a coffee while this is happening. (During placement caffeine will become your best friend – trust him!) (more…)