Welcome to your first installment of Placement Hacks, written by your Placement Ambassadors, to give you an insight into what a placement is REALLY like and provide tips from students who have been through the process. This week Christian and Emma discuss top tips for doing a placement at home or away.

sunPlacement Hacks: Moving Away

Doing a placement abroad represents a true challenge, but I can guarantee that it will be an amazing experience. You will have the chance to meet new people, experience a new culture, make great memories and finally feel very proud about yourself for overcoming different challenges! My placement was with Intel, in Ireland, an experience that I recommend to everyone. (more…)


Why not go abroad for your placement year?

Geographically mobile? Why not go abroad for your placement year? In our latest blog we hear from Hannah Moore, BA (Hons) Advertising Management and Brand Management, who is currently on placement in Bahrain.  Read about her experiences so far and why she’d recommend broadening your horizons and going overseas.Placement Student Hannah Moore

During my second year of University I wanted to do the one-day a week work experience instead of Agency Life, however I mixed up the final sign up date due to being out of the country and could not gain the experience. I really believe that if you want to get the job of your dreams then you need experience, so luckily the university offers the opportunity to take a work placement year in the third year, which I knew I had to do.

After meeting with the Placement Team and emailing multiple companies I only heard back from one company, after a chat with the company’s Head of Marketing, he said I would have been a great attribute to the company, however they weren’t in a position to teach someone who they weren’t able to keep on in their team (as I would have to return for my final year at Uni) due to funding and plans for expanding the company. A little disheartened and motivation depleting, I realised England just didn’t have the opportunities that I wanted; so I decided to expand my search abroad.