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Chantelle didn’t have to look too far for her perfect placement, she tells us all about her fantastic placement experience right here at MMU. chantelle cox.jpg

Name and Course
Chantelle Cox, BA Business Management

Company and Job Title
Manchester Metropolitan University, TALENTmatch Recruitment Assistant.

Interesting fact about you.
I used to live in Tenerife for 3 years when I was two; I even attended a Spanish school. Unfortunately, I did not keep up the language and cannot speak as fluent as I once could. (more…)



“A challenging and eye opening experience”- Paddy gives us an insight into the ups and down of his placement.

profilenextlevelrole1Course and company worked for?
I’m currently studying BA (Hons) Business Management with Placement and completing my placement year with a FTSE 100, multinational engineering company, working in Telford, Shropshire.

What were your key reasons for choosing the sandwich placement route?
I realised early on during my course that it would be impossible for me to get a good job after graduation without a placement year. Therefore, I transferred courses and applied for various placements. I was unsure as to what role or company I wished to work for after graduation, so I started looking for placements with various large companies. (more…)


The big question on student’s lips at the moment is where to live when you go on placement and how will you find accommodation, especially if you leave Manchester? Your Placement Ambassador, Jess Vasey, has given her insight into finding a top pad for your placement year.

homeIf some of you are worried that you won’t get to live with your friends next year whilst on placement or that you’re going to be left homeless because you haven’t signed a contract straight away, DON’T!

First of all, many letting agents and landlords will say that the good houses go quickly and loads of students have already got their eye on it when in reality, they don’t, they just want you to put a deposit down. So don’t feel pressured to sign a contract ASAP. If you still want to live with your friends that are going straight into final year, ask them if they can hold off a little longer whilst you apply for placements and attend interviews.  (more…)


Welcome to your first installment of Placement Hacks, written by your Placement Ambassadors, to give you an insight into what a placement is REALLY like and provide tips from students who have been through the process. This week Christian and Emma discuss top tips for doing a placement at home or away.

sunPlacement Hacks: Moving Away

Doing a placement abroad represents a true challenge, but I can guarantee that it will be an amazing experience. You will have the chance to meet new people, experience a new culture, make great memories and finally feel very proud about yourself for overcoming different challenges! My placement was with Intel, in Ireland, an experience that I recommend to everyone. (more…)

How to sail through the first week of your new placement

No matter who you are the first week of a new job is always daunting. However, if you follow the below tips, you are likely to make a great impression and find the rest of your time in the new role a breeze!

new job

LISTEN– You will have a lot of information to take in in the first instance so try to stay focused and listen to what you are being told. You won’t be expected to remember everything but you’ll need to understand the basics.

TAKE NOTES– Put that swanky new notepad and pen to good use and jot down any useful information (which is most on your first day). Don’t feel you have to write everything down but your phone number and email address is a good start.

LUNCH ARRANGEMENTS– It may sound simple but the best way to make a great (more…)