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Placement Life at MEC: Not only useful for the future but a lot of fun!

If your placement search hasn’t quite panned out as you hoped yet, don’t worry!

Our latest blog post follows Economics student Jess Vasey on her journey through her own placement search, and is a brilliant example of how the skills you have built up so far in your degree may take you in a direction you haven’t anticipated yet!

Jess VaseyWhere are you currently on placement, and what is your placement role?

I am on placement at MEC Manchester and I work in the Analytics and Insight Department as a Media Trainee.

This involves providing insights into data to help other teams with pitch work for new and existing clients so they understand their audience better and can generate ideas that are proved to be successful.

My role also involves measuring the performance of previous and running campaigns.

It also involves streamlining any reports and making them more efficient. We try to make day to day jobs as quick and automated as possible.

When you started searching for placements did you have a specific type of role in mind?

When I first started searching for placements I was determined to achieve an economic consultant role. However, as there were only a few specific employers offering this role very early on in the academic year and this is a hard placement to achieve, once I was rejected I started looking into fields that would help me one day achieve an economic consultancy role and found that I would need experience in data analysis.

Even if the job is not the one you really wanted, finding a placement that will build skills for that role in future is extremely useful.

I study Economics and have ended up working in a media agency which I never thought would have happened at the beginning of the year. (more…)


Selling your Skills on Applications: Why it’s Important and How to do it

For this week’s post Lynn Gregory from the Placements Team guides you through a subject that comes up regularly in 1-to-1s; the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of selling your skills on a placement application.

As we all know, applying for placements is a highly competitive process with the sourcing, researching and initial application process demanding your ongoing commitment and time, so how can you maximise the chances of your application being shortlisted for the next stage of an organisation’s application process?


Passionate? How do you demonstrate it in your placement applications?

So, you’ve found your dream placement, you’ve got all the skills and attributes they’re looking for and you know you could do the job but how do you demonstrate the ‘passion’ they’re looking for? In our latest blog Anna Worsley, Placements and Project Coordinator, offers her hints and tips for demonstrating passion to an employer.

A quick scan of the vacancies on our system shows that recruiters are looking for more than your academic prowess and your transferable skills such as communication and teamwork skills they’re looking for you to demonstrate passion;

  • “Passion for sport and fashion”
  • “Passion for marketing”
  • “Interest and knowledge of cars”
  • “Passion for money saving”
  • “Strong interest in gaming”
  • “knowledge of the film and entertainment industry”

How can you evidence and demonstrate your passion to employers? (more…)

Meet the team – Anna Worsley

It has been a while since our last ‘meet the team’ blog post, so here goes with mine, I’m Anna and I’m a Placements and Project Coordinator.

Anna Worsley

What does your job involve?

I support second year students in their search for placements. You’ll often find me in 1-to-1s discussing CVs, cover letters, application forms, interviews and assessment centres.  When I’m not in 1-to-1s I speak to employers who’re looking to offer placements, I co-manage our postgraduate internship programme and I manage this blog…quite a lot to squeeze into 2 days in the office! (more…)

Making the most of your Christmas break

Hurray! Term has finished and you now have a lovely Christmas break to look forward to but with placement deadlines looming we’ve put together our top tips to help you make the most of your Christmas break.

christmas laptop

  • Make a shortlist

With a lot of application deadlines falling in December and January now’s the time to get logged on to our vacancy system and make a shortlist of placements you want to apply to.

Prioritise your shortlist by closing date and preference and give each application the time, effort and energy it deserves. (more…)

Speculative approaches do work…a second year’s story

If there’s a company or organisation you’re interested in working for but they don’t advertise placement years is there anything you can do? Amy Chetwynd, BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management, explains how making a speculative approach got her the position of her dreams and why she thinks employers value you targeting them.

second year student, Amy Chetwynd

Hello, I am Amy and I am currently in my second year of University studying Advertising and Brand Management.

Formal introduction over, now let’s talk about internships! Got a favourite agency, company or brand? Ever thought about applying to them for your one day a week placement or placement year? I did, and it was the best decision I made. (more…)

Digital marketing placement prospects with iProspect

Looking for a placement in digital marketing? Placement student, Hayley Goodison, BA (Hons) Business, explains why you should apply to her employer and offers some insider hints and tips to help you follow in her footsteps.

Hayley Goodison3

Hi, my name is Hayley and I’m currently on placement as a part of my 4 year (BA) Hons in Business.

My year-long placement is with iProspect in Manchester as a Paid Search Administrator. iProspect is a global digital marketing agency who work with an array of household names such as Kelloggs, Burberry, Arcadia, GO outdoors & many more.

Speaking from an undergraduate student’s point of view I think iProspect is a great place to work if you are interested in furthering your knowledge of Digital marketing. Read on, & I’ll tell you why I think this, how I got here & what hints & tips I have for others applying iProspect. (more…)

How to get the right placement for you

In our first student blog, Georgina Hallgate, BA (Hons) Business, who’s currently on placement with Red C Marketing offers her advice for 2nd years starting their search.



Hello everyone!

As I have only been on placement with Red C Marketing for a month, I don’t feel equipped to tell you all the nitty gritty details about the wonderful world of a full time job just yet! However, I’d like to offer some wise words for students who are thinking about/ready to start looking for placements.


First piece of advice – Time is of the essence.

 Listen to the placement advisors when they say the old cliché, ‘the early bird catches the worm’. The more time you give yourself, the further you can delve into your research of the company, what it is that you want from your placement year and whether this company will even give it to you – I’m talking opportunities and skills rather than company cars here people!

By giving yourself a heap loads of time to research you can write a cracking CV and cover letter that is personalised to the company you are applying to. The lucky individuals at these companies who spend hours going through applications are going to want someone who clearly has a real interest in the business. That will shine through from the rest if you’ve really spent time getting to know them. You can do this from regular 5 minute visits to their website and following them on social media. (more…)