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Placement Ambassadors are final year students who have returned from placement and want to share their experiences with you. You can contact them for advice and support with your placement search or even just a chat. Find out all about the application process to their day to day experiences directly from someone who has been there, done that AND got the t-shirt.

William Truong

William Truong

What course are you on?
BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance

Where did you do your placement?
I was based in one of the Manchester offices for which is the world’s largest online car hire platform. I worked in the Product and Commercial department inside the Latin America Team. (more…)



Our latest blog is by Simron Mann, an Accounting & Finance student who has completed his placement at PUMA. Read on to find out what it’s like to undertake a placement with the third largest sportswear manufacturer in the world!

Simron Mann 2How did you choose where to do your placement?
After reading the PUMA job description I knew immediately that this was the placement that I really wanted. I did a lot of research about PUMA as a brand, their values, and products and ensured that in each step of the application I got across all of this information. (more…)

‘Don’t give up looking!’ Top Tips & life on Placement at the NHS

Our latest contributor is BA (Hons) Banking and Finance student Andrew Munro who shares his hint and tips on making a good first impression at interview, as well as insights into his daily working life on placement at an NHS trust.

Where are you currently on placement and what is your placement role?andrew-munro-002

I am currently on placement at Central Manchester University Hospital Foundation Trust (CMFT).

My current role as a Finance Assistant is within the Income and Contracting team, in the Finance department.

What type of selection processes did you go through for your applications? For example, Psychometric tests, telephone or video interviews? Any tips for students currently searching?

Selection process for my role at CMFT was an online application, which the led to an interview. At the interview I had to do a small Excel task and then a presentation on myself.

The Excel task wasn’t too demanding, the hardest part was the presentation. I would recommend practising if you have to do any presentations at an interview as practising definitely helped me a lot.

What are your top tips for impressing at an interview or assessment day?

My first tip would be to dress smart, first impressions count.

Prepare for your interview do your research and don’t forget any materials that they ask you to bring.

I recently helped with the recruitment for next year’s placement students at CMFT. The ones who stood out were those who had done their research, and those who did not stand out were the ones with no prep.

Some also did not clock on that us placement students were also part of the interview process and were feeding back our opinions and what we learnt from those being interviewed, so try act professional for the full duration.

Previous experience will always looks good even if it is just a part time café job for instance; it shows you are willing to work.


Your Placement Search – The Road to Success!

#Resilience #YouCanDoIt #Dedication #Motivation #TheLongGame #StickWithIt

So it’s that time of year when students are busily applying for placements for 16/17. We are still adding lots of exciting placement opportunities on CareerHub, such as, SIEMENS, KELLOGGS, NISSAN.

Your perfect placement is just around the corner!


Easter Holidays – Have you lost a bit of placement focus?  Feeling a bit disheartened having been for a few interviews? This is common at this stage of the year and the Placement team are here to help get you back on track! Everyone is at a different stage of the process, so even if you are just starting out on your placement search, be sure to use the Easter holidays to get some applications in.  Are you still in Manchester over Easter?  If so, come and see us.  If not, we are more than happy to help via email.

Time line – Right now is a great time to apply for placements. Some hard work now will really pay off!  You have until end of August to secure a placement and we will help you get there.  Hopefully you will have almost submitted any assessments for other modules, so this will free up some time for your placement search.

Finance – During your placement year, you will pay fees of £680.  You can still apply to Student Finance England for your Maintenance Loan if you wish.  If you don’t end up doing a placement year, you will simply need to advise Student Finance that you need to arrange a ‘Change of Circumstance’.  This is very straight forward and shouldn’t be a concern at this stage.

Accommodation – Are you already starting to think about accommodation for next year?  Ideally, we would like you to keep your placement location options as wide as possible, so don’t limit opportunities unless you really need to.  If you must – there will still be lots of accessible placements in the Greater Manchester/Cheshire area.  So this shouldn’t be too much of a barrier.

Own Placements – Are you using your own networks to search for placements?  LinkedIn, Parents, Family Friends etc can provide useful placements leads.  Let us know if you want any information to share with potential placement providers!


Time flies when you’re having fun!

Our blog post this week comes from Misbah Shikdar, a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance student currently on placement with Bosch. Here he gives us a glimpse into his daily role, as well as his tips for securing a placement with a market leading company.

Hi I’m Misbah, and I’m currently four months into my placement at Bosch UK as a Finance Assistant.

Misbah Ahmed

My job role requires me to assist my manager and team leader (who are both great) on different areas. I take part in various finance projects, as well as liaising with and providing guidance and advice to non-financial staff of the organisation. From the accounting side of things, my manager takes care of the financial aspects, whereas the team leader works on management accounting. Therefore, I am gaining invaluable experience on both sides of accounting which is perfect for me, and what a placement is all about.


‘This year is so rewarding!’ – a student’s view of her placement journey

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance student Egle Kuzminaite gives her top tips on placement searching and details her own placement journey with Panasonic Europe; from the initial application process through to her day-to-day life as a student on placement.

My name is Egle, I am currently on my placement year at Panasonic Europe as an Internal Auditor.

I chose this role based on my Accounting & Finance course knowledge and also because this role contains many subjects such as Law, Finance, Accounting and others. Egle Kuzminaite

There are so many areas I could talk about, as this year is so rewarding!     (more…)

I was so nervous on my first day I actually felt sick!


In our latest blog we hear from Laxmi Patel, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance.  Laxmi is 3 months into her placement and in this post she reflects on her first day nerves and offers advice for any fellow new starters.

Laxmi Patel

Hi I’m Laxmi and I am currently on a placement year at Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

I was actually asked to start my role earlier than September and I agreed to it because I didn’t really have much planned over the summer! So I started 3 months ago and I remember how nervous I was on my first day – I actually felt sick! But, my manager was very honest and welcoming and the team I’m surrounded by were also very kind – they actually made me feel a bit more relaxed!

My first day was all the standard introductory stuff so I wasn’t introduced to anything too new, apart from all the names that were thrown at me – but you’re really not expected to remember them all! (more…)

What is it really like working at IBM?

In our latest blog post Hannah Guile, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, details her experience of the IBM application process and tells us what she’s gaining from her time on placement. 

Placement student, Hannah Guile

Hi I’m Hannah, I am an accounting and finance student and I am currently a Finance intern based in Portsmouth at IBM.

I got my placement at IBM by applying through their website.  I attended a lot of IBM CV workshops which MMU provided and I can honestly say these helped a lot.  At first I thought I wouldn’t get past the CV stage as I did not play sport and I felt like I was lacking in a lot of the skills they were looking for.  However throughout the workshops I found that I had the skills they were looking for from things I’d never expected for example a school trip to Africa and my part time waitressing job.  After the CV stage there is an online test which I highly recommend you practice for as it is quite difficult.  The assessment centre is easily the most daunting part of the whole process and the trick to passing it is to relax.  The more relaxed you are the more confident you are and the more you take part and that is exactly what they are looking for. (more…)

What is it really like working at high profile sporting events?

In our latest blog post final year student, Laura Hobday, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, tells us about her placement year, what she gained and why taking a placement year was the best decision she’s ever made.

In May 2013 I was just about to give up looking for a placement. I’d applied for a few online though MMU’s placement vacancy system  but hadn’t received an interview for any. I then received a phone call from a Manager who I worked for the previous summer. Sodexo Prestige is a Global catering company and I was lucky enough to work the London 2012 Olympics/Paralympics with them. Here I worked hard to make great contacts. When a position in the Commercial Department at Ascot Racecourse became available, they called me to offer me the position for my placement year. (more…)