How to sail through the first week of your new placement

No matter who you are the first week of a new job is always daunting. However, if you follow the below tips, you are likely to make a great impression and find the rest of your time in the new role a breeze!

new job

LISTEN– You will have a lot of information to take in in the first instance so try to stay focused and listen to what you are being told. You won’t be expected to remember everything but you’ll need to understand the basics.

TAKE NOTES– Put that swanky new notepad and pen to good use and jot down any useful information (which is most on your first day). Don’t feel you have to write everything down but your phone number and email address is a good start.

LUNCH ARRANGEMENTS– It may sound simple but the best way to make a great impression is showing that you are interested in your co-workers and what better time than over a soggy sandwich. If your boss or colleagues ask if you want to join them for lunch, take them up in the offer, save your packed lunch for tomorrow.

KEEP AN OPEN MIND– It’s easy to make snap judgements about your colleagues and new working environment but try not to focus on the negatives.

ASK QUESTIONS– Nobody will expect you to know everything within the first few weeks of starting your new job so ask questions if you are unsure about something. It’s best to ask now rather than later.

TAKE IN A FUN MUG– A fun mug can be a great conversation starter and helps your colleagues get to know you a little better. Offensive slogans and inappropriate pictures however are not so be careful you aren’t revealing too much.

USE YOUR SUPERVISOR– Your supervisor is there to support you throughout your placement so make sure you use them to your advantage. They can be a great resource when learning on the job especially if you need a silly question answering.

BE FRIENDLY- The easiest way to make a good impression is to be friendly. Ask questions about your colleagues, compliment their hair- whatever it is, you will have to work with these people for the next few months so make sure they are on your side.

SUSS OUT THE BREW SITUATION- Should you bring your own tea and coffee? Is there a milk rota? All vital questions to ensure you aren’t caught out when you’re gasping for a cup of tea.

TALK TO EVERYONE- Getting to know your colleagues is important as you never know when you might need a favour. Ask questions and show you are interested in the people around you.

If you have any questions in the run up to your placement, the Business Placements Team are on hand to help! You can call us on: 0161 247 2000 or drop an email to and we’ll be in touch!



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