Sourcing your own Placement: A success story!

Beth Bradley - headshotOur latest post is by Beth Bradley, a Marketing Management student who sourced her own placement with a company based near to her home town. Read on to learn how Beth has settled in to placement life.

When I first started my placement, I wasn’t sure what to expect as it was in an industry I had very little or no knowledge about whatsoever.

I got a placement within the car and van rental and sales industry back in my home town, and when I first started I had no idea about any vans other than a Ford Transit.

The second week I was in the office, I was taught how to drive vans, as well as all my other jobs I had to do. Being the only marketing executive in the office, and with them never having a marketer before, I had to work extremely hard to be able to push the business forward and apply the knowledge of business management systems and marketing that I had learned in the first two years at Uni.

My day-to-day role doesn’t just include marketing and advertising, but also senior meetings in which I organise and construct media buying for us, and have to critically analyse the way the business is working and what the team and I can do to improve the way we work individually and together through marketing.

Putting together comparison and budget reports to highlight key areas of underperformance and where we can improve and the benefits of marketing and advertising is also an important area of my role.

Throughout my placement, I have driven some amazing cars, GLC’s, Mercedes C250 AMG, BMW 3 Series X Drive, along with lots of vans!

We became Wigan Athletic’s official fleet supplier and partner, in which I attended several meetings with my managing director to design all of the LED advertising boards, the fleet vehicles, the standard advertising boards and I also wrote the press release, which Wigan used on their website.

Beth Bradley - Marcus Browne Mercedes

As we supply vehicles to the players and staff, I have to go out and do handovers to the players as well, take pictures and showcase this.

Lead managing and closing is another aspect of what I do, and I help to bring in some clients, which I have done previously

We also do a lot for charity, including Wigan Youth Zone, which we are a silver patron of, and I have attached some pictures for some other charity we have done for a charity bike ride in France to raise money for cancer, and the Santander food bank pledge.

I have worked closely with big name brands such as Mercedes, Yell, Black Horse Finance and Ford making several beneficial connections in large industry since working here.

It has really opened my eyes working in such a diverse business, especially one in the automotive industry, and seeing areas of strengths and weaknesses with in a team.

Learning to apply and critically analyse the processes and performance of the business and come up with solutions through advertising and marketing has been a key strength for me.

Applying what I have learned at university and what I have learned working in this industry has helped me understand the way smaller businesses manage.

It is hard being in this industry at such a young age, as everybody has years of experience above me, but it doesn’t deter me from trying to improve things within the business and taking it forward.

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