Month: December 2016

Does my part-time job count as work experience?

Part-time work provides students with a wealth of skills that can be used to bag a placement! Read one Accounting and Finance student’s view of how part-time work contributed to them securing a placement and furthering their ambition of pursuing a career in accounting.

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When I received my first Student Finance instalment, I was beyond ecstatic to see so many zeros in my bank account. However, that feeling did not last very long as I started buying things that I re…

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‘Challenging, exciting and inspiring!’ Life on placement with Shop Direct Group

Our latest blog post hears Manchester Met Marketing Management student Charlotte Howard’s account of her time on placement as a Talent Intern with Shop Direct Group. 

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Where are you currently on placement, and what is your placement role?

I’m currently on placement at Shop Direct (based at the HQ in Liverpool) which is the UK’s second largest pureplay digital retailer, who own the companies Very, Very Exclusive & Littlewoods. My placement role is titled ‘Talent Intern’ and I sit within the People Team where all development and internal communication happens for the business as well as recruitment, employee relations & reward.

When you started searching for placements did you have a specific type of role in mind? What types of roles did you apply for?

I was focused on getting a placement in marketing as this is what my degree is related to however, as time went on during my search, I kept an open mind and read through many job descriptions and realised that I shouldn’t limit myself to marketing alone as there are so many fantastic opportunities in marketing as well as in other sectors and industries. I applied for roles in marketing, digital marketing, HR, sales & supply chain.


Summer’s over.

Could there be a better quote to encourage you to apply for placements than this one, written by Manchester Met Sports Management student David Hartley?

“For those MMU students which are currently debating going on a placement or not – DO IT. It is worth the time and effort because these experiences that I and so many other students on placement are having, are invaluable to your development and future career.”

Read on to learn more about David’s personal placement experience so far.

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It’s been a little while since my last post, ‘An Incredible Six Weeks’, and all I can say is that the brilliant experience has continued. I’ve now reached October, four mont…

Source: Summer’s over.