Time flies when you’re having fun!

Our blog post this week comes from Misbah Shikdar, a BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance student currently on placement with Bosch. Here he gives us a glimpse into his daily role, as well as his tips for securing a placement with a market leading company.

Hi I’m Misbah, and I’m currently four months into my placement at Bosch UK as a Finance Assistant.

Misbah Ahmed

My job role requires me to assist my manager and team leader (who are both great) on different areas. I take part in various finance projects, as well as liaising with and providing guidance and advice to non-financial staff of the organisation. From the accounting side of things, my manager takes care of the financial aspects, whereas the team leader works on management accounting. Therefore, I am gaining invaluable experience on both sides of accounting which is perfect for me, and what a placement is all about.

If you really want to get a placement, I advise you to apply quickly. Personally, I applied to a couple during November/December, got rejected and became demotivated to apply for more, and also deadlines for assignments and exams come thick and fast, therefore organising your time is really important during your placement search.

Application Process

The process was simple for me. Firstly, I sent my CV along with my cover letter to Bosch, to which I received a reply where they invited me for an interview at the company’s office. The interview itself was fairly traditional, with both team leader and manager present, firing questions at me.

Hint/Tips for Interview

  • Make sure you research thoroughly about the business as most likely you will get asked questions about the company
  • Research and understand your job role, and make sure you know how to answer questions based on this, maybe prepare how your previous jobs (if any) have accustomed you to be ready for the role.
  • Smile during it, speak clearly and precisely. Make sure you have questions ready for them.

What I have learnt at Bosch so far

  • As Bosch is a global business, effective communication is very important. You will receive emails everyday with questions, therefore it is important to respond quickly and be clear in your answers.
  • You’re an employee, not an intern. As it’s a global business, you will communicate with people from different parts of the world, hardly anyone will know you’re an intern therefore you will not get extended time to complete certain work. However, if you are stuck and need help, ask your manager and/or wider team – they will always be happy to help. You’re better to ask for help, rather than do your work wrong or advise people wrongly.
  • Meetings, meetings and more meetings – Every day you will be sitting in meetings, some may be boring and won’t relate to your work but it’s important to try and engage, and take notes from it. On my first day, a president of Bosch was over at the office, so meetings were held all day. Whilst I didn’t take an active role in them it was still great to be included in a meeting where my team leader, manager, site leader and the president were present.

Highlight so far

I was working on a project where Bosch acquired a part of a business (TTA), therefore I had to create customer forms and communicate with different TTA customers to receive information in order to complete the form. The best part was the movement from creating the customers to invoicing the customers. I enjoyed the project as I was heavily part of the process, and was integral to how everything unfolded.

Outside of work, I took part in a football tournament with the finance team; unfortunately we lost on penalties in the semi-final.

Would I recommend a placement at Bosch?

Definitely! The only negative thing is time is passing by too quickly, but the phrase “time flies when you’re having fun” comes into mind. So far it has been brilliant, and everything I expected in relation to how my job would be, from liaising with different people of the organisation to completing various projects for the world’s largest supplier of automotive components.

Don’t leave it too late to apply, as luckily for me, I got the job after the summer exams! One more piece of advice; I would recommend that you schedule a meeting with the MMU placement team and their careers service; they are absolutely brilliant and would help you with anything and everything.

Best of luck everyone with your applications!

If you are an MMU Business School student currently applying for sandwich placements and want to tap into the same great support and advice that helped Misbah in his successful placement search, book in for a 1-to-1 with a member of the Placements Team. Visit the Business Placements desk in the Employability Hub, email businessplacements@mmu.ac.uk or call 0161 247 3711



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