‘This year is so rewarding!’ – a student’s view of her placement journey

BA (Hons) Accounting & Finance student Egle Kuzminaite gives her top tips on placement searching and details her own placement journey with Panasonic Europe; from the initial application process through to her day-to-day life as a student on placement.

My name is Egle, I am currently on my placement year at Panasonic Europe as an Internal Auditor.

I chose this role based on my Accounting & Finance course knowledge and also because this role contains many subjects such as Law, Finance, Accounting and others. Egle Kuzminaite

There are so many areas I could talk about, as this year is so rewarding!    

To start with, I started my placement four months ago. On my first day I was extremely nervous, but you know what? It is normal. My team made my first few weeks easier by supporting me, and of course they do this all the time.

Working at this specific company gives me so many opportunities such as networking, developing as a professional and gaining knowledge in my field! My job also involves 50% overseas travel, which is one of many responsibilities. Travel is my passion so I really enjoy this.

There are many placement students at Panasonic Europe, so I always have someone with my background for support. Currently, I am living with four other placement students and there is another house across the street where another five live – it is a great opportunity to socialise outside of work!

My main idea for this first blog is to encourage everyone wanting to achieve something in terms of their career, to look for opportunities and make the most of chances they are given. We only live once, so it is better to take everything from life now, rather than worrying what you did not try later on in life.

There are some tips that were important to me and may be useful for second year students currently searching for placements:

  • Applying for placements:

I 100% encourage you to start your applications as soon as vacancies are live. I know, everyone tells you that, lecturers, parents, friends; but you do not realise how important it is until you get into your second year and time just flies. Of course, this requires more organising and time management, but these are some of the skills that many employers are looking for!

  • Your application:

You need to know what you want in your career, which means firstly, not applying for 50 jobs in one week, which of course saves time, however the end result is not that satisfactory as you might be rejected many times, OR you might be lucky. I heard from so many course friends that they applied to so many placements and were rejected. Maybe it was the reason why they got rejected? I will leave this question for you to consider. Personally my application for this role took me two weeks, which was a CV and Cover Letter application, I know it  took a long time, but I knew it was really what I wanted and I tried to do my best at application stage. Make sure, you use the great help offered by the MMU Business School Placements Team and Careers Hub, as they are amazing people, who are ready to help you every step of the way.

  • Preparation for Telephone Interview/Assessment Day:

I suggest leaving some time for this stage of preparation. It was the first time I had had a telephone interview, I was nervous, but focussed enough to answer all the questions, and actually it turned out not bad because I knew what I was talking about: my skills, my experience, my academic background, all of this gave me confidence!

In terms of assessment day, be prepared for one of the biggest days of your life, as it was for me. At first I thought about how hard it would be, but afterwards I felt a kind of relief, because I did it!

Good luck to everyone with their applications!

If you are an MMU Business School student currently applying for sandwich placements and want to tap into the same great support and advice that helped Egle in her successful placement search, book in for a 1-to-1 with a member of the Placements Team. Visit the Business Placements desk in the Employability Hub, email businessplacements@mmu.ac.uk or call 0161 247 3711


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