5 Top Tips for Managing your Online Presence when Placement Searching

Amy Rule, BA (Hons) Public Relations and Digital Communications, shares her top tips on the importance of manging your online presence when placement searching. Amy is currently on placement as a Junior Account Executive for a top marketing agency.

When looking for placements during university, managing your online presence is pretty crucial.

1.Companies will often search for you on social media sites when considering your application. Whether that be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, it’s important that you make yourself look as professional as possible. That doesn’t mean that you have to stop using them completely or post things like “I love hard work” – it can be as simple as changing your settings or using a new platform.

2. On Facebook you could consider change your privacy settings so that when searched for, you appear as only a profile picture with your name, unless the person is your friend. This means that any potential employers won’t be able to see those dodgy photos your mates have tagged you in. Unless of course one of those pictures is your profile picture – then it would be pointless. Or if you’re feeling super organised and ready to cut down on those tagged pictures from Fresher’s, get rid of the bad ones completely!

3. If you can’t help but Tweet about things that potential employers probably wouldn’t want to read, then think about changing your privacy settings on Twitter too. This means that your Tweets can’t be read without someone requesting to follow you. Or, you could even consider creating a professional Twitter account where you can follow industry specialists to help with networking.

4. If you know what kind of placement you want to secure, you could Tweet companies within that sector asking for help and advice on how to get into it yourself. It not only shows you are conscientious and serious about working, but also that your social media isn’t just to chat about last night’s events. Twitter is also a great way to search for job vacancies. Try searching #jobs with your chosen field and location, for example, #PR #york.

Blogging isn’t for everyone, but it is a brilliant way of getting yourself out there. You could write about anything and everything, and it’s great to put on your CV as either a hobby, or for some people, a career. My blog has provided me with me so many amazing opportunities over the past few years and in my interview for my current placement, it was spoken about a lot. It’s a great way to demonstrate your skills and abilities if you don’t have much experience. A good idea would be to start a blog related to the subject of your degree or potential field of work you want to get into, highlighting important information and updates.

5. Consider creating a LinkedIn account. So many industry professionals have LinkedIn accounts, and having one yourself could help you out a lot. You can see what past work experience certain people have so if you want to get into that industry too, it can give you an idea how to get there. Also, it’s like an online CV. You can include your work experience, where you went to college and what you achieved, and also the kind of things you’re good at. Use it to show off in a professional manner.


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