Meet the team – Carole Lee

We’ve had a few staffing changes in the Placements Team over the summer.  Our Placement and Projects Coordinator Shauna has been seconded into a different team (she’s still on campus so if you see her around say hi!). In this latest ‘Meet the Team’ post we hear from her replacement Carole Lee.  Carole’s spent the last 2 weeks getting to grips with all things placement and is raring to go for the start of term!

Carole Lee

Hi Carole, tell us about your job & what it involves

I recently joined the Placement Team as a Placements and Project Coordinator. I will be supporting 2nd year business students, helping them through 1-1s to develop CVs and covering letters as well as giving advice about interviews and coping with assessment centres. I will also be managing the placement process for MSc Human Resource Management students, liaising with employers and students to ensure the placements run smoothly.

What makes you smile at work?

I’m enjoying getting to know my colleagues, learning about the range of support activities for students at MMU and getting started on planning my first event (Student Insights into Placement on 21st October). I’m really looking forward to working with students so there’s a lot which makes me smile!

What are your top tips for placement students?

Right now, I can empathise with students starting out on placement and how it feels to be the ‘newbie.’ My top tip is to take a ‘Hopes and Fears’ approach. Think about what you hope to get out of your placement: as well as gaining invaluable experience and those all-important transferable skills, what else do you hope to gain? You may hope to impress with your academic knowledge and bring up-to-date and innovative approaches into the placement. You may hope to widen your professional (and social) networks which can be useful in both the short and longer term. Consider how you can transfer these hopes into reality: are there key people you can seek out or specific meetings/activities which would enable you to achieve them?

What about your fears? Most people will be nervous when starting somewhere new, so try to identify what your main concerns are and consider any strategies you can use to overcome them. This could be worrying about how to get there on the first day, forgetting key information and people’s names. So, plan your route to work and take into account rush hour delays, take notes about everything and keep your notepad to hand (I would be lost without mine!) A common fear is ‘What if I make a mistake?’ You will be allocated a superviser or mentor on placement who will support you throughout and should be able to reassure and guide you as you settle in. Remember that employers won’t expect you to be perfect, but if you can show that you are hard-working, keen to learn and to make the most of your placement, you will soon be able to look back at your initial ‘fears’, cross them off and concentrate on achieving your hopes.


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