No two days are ever the same

In our latest blog we hear from Damilola Fatayo, BA (Hons) Human Resource Management. Read her placement story and advice here…

Damilola Fatayo

Hello, my name is Dami, I am a currently on a placement here in Manchester.  I want to talk about my experience prior to getting a placement.

So, from the first year of my degree I knew a placement would be beneficial in securing a job, post-graduation. However, I was not expecting the process to be as challenging as it was.  But, I got so much help from the Placement Team and I would not have got my placement without their guidance so THANK YOU!

Having all the deadlines to think about, coupled with the activities of student life, it can be difficult managing application deadlines as well. However, my advice is to make time and give it a go! Life is too short anyways I am so glad I decided to put in the effort, take a placement and gain valuable experience.

My journey so far has been very interesting, I have learnt that all the extra tutorials offered at uni for Microsoft Packages are very useful, for example Excel has a lot more functionality than simply typing numbers.

Working within a careers and HR setting whilst on placement has so far highlighted to me the importance of networking. I have attended some events and met professionals in the field that I aspire to work in, I have also been able to highlight my strengths, and values as an individual.

Getting involved with various task on placement has also given me more insight into the roles available to me as a graduate and routes into those jobs.

These different tasks are really interesting because no two days are ever 100% the same! There is always a different challenge to solve, new knowledge to gain and new skills to explore.

So, if you are doubting whether or not to do a placement DO IT!

Want to apply to Damilola’s placement for 2015/16? We’ve sent an e-mail to all registered MMU Business School placement students.  Applications close on 1st May 2015.


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