The opportunities are endless

In this blog we hear from Ranvir Thiarra, BA (Hons) Sports Management, who is currently on placement with PUMA.

Puma trainers image Ranvir Thiarra

Working at PUMA has been one of the coolest experiences of my life so far!

The opportunities are endless and the people that I have got to know and have been able to learn from have been awesome. You really feel part of the team at PUMA and are never looked at differently because of the ‘intern’ status.

Puma office - Sea Containers London

When I started PUMA had just moved offices to the brand new Sea Containers which is situated right on the Thames in Central London. Although I have been living at home in Bedfordshire and commuting every day, I have still been able to live the London life.

My role is Performance Marketing Intern and I work directly within the Performance Marketing Team which was a team of 6 but following regional streamlining is currently a team of 4. This meant that my role rapidly changed in January and my responsibilities increased.

Within marketing, not one day is the same, who knows what cool stuff you could be working on?

Developing in-store POS and building social media content calendars are just a couple of day to day activities but the projects I have enjoyed the most are being involved in campaigns such as evoPOWER 1.2 and the brand new Ignite. Campaigns like these that have so much spend behind them are lots of work, but it’s a great reward when you see your work all over the Internet/in-store/Out of Home.

Ignite campaign in storeIgnite online campaign

I can’t stress enough how important undertaking a placement year is in helping you apply what you learn during your first couple of years at uni in real life practice. You also build relationships and make those all-important connections with professionals in the industry you will ultimately look to find a job within once you graduate.

PUMA billboardA project that I have been given total ownership of is the Red Bull Wings for Life World Run. This is a running event with a twist of which PUMA are now global sponsors and I am liaising with Red Bull event planners within UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium to ensure that the 5 races in the UKIB market are set to deliver great events.

Good Luck with your placement hunt!


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