Month: March 2015

‘The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ – Lao Tsu

In this blog Clifford Butau, BA (Hons) Sports Marketing Management, describes his placement journey: from the application stage in 2nd year through to working in an office having secured a placement and onto planning for the future.

Placement student, Clifford Butau

My employer is a rapidly growing business, producing a range of convenience food products for the retail markets in Ireland, the UK and Europe.  I embarked on my journey here towards the end of summer and believed myself to be very fortunate to get my placement because I had been applying for different placements throughout second year and summer. Notwithstanding my efforts I kept getting the “unfortunately you did not get the placement, but good luck with your search” feedback – yes those disappointing words we might have all experienced in the hunt.

Nevertheless, I was very determined to take that single step to build experience and I carried on with my quest to find a placement.  The persistence finally paid off one afternoon when I received an email that would kick-start my journey. The email was an invite for an interview at the company’s HQ and after the interview, I was invited for a stage two interview that involved a task, which I happily completed and was very pleased when I was offered the role. (more…)


What is it really like working at IBM?

In our latest blog post Hannah Guile, BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance, details her experience of the IBM application process and tells us what she’s gaining from her time on placement. 

Placement student, Hannah Guile

Hi I’m Hannah, I am an accounting and finance student and I am currently a Finance intern based in Portsmouth at IBM.

I got my placement at IBM by applying through their website.  I attended a lot of IBM CV workshops which MMU provided and I can honestly say these helped a lot.  At first I thought I wouldn’t get past the CV stage as I did not play sport and I felt like I was lacking in a lot of the skills they were looking for.  However throughout the workshops I found that I had the skills they were looking for from things I’d never expected for example a school trip to Africa and my part time waitressing job.  After the CV stage there is an online test which I highly recommend you practice for as it is quite difficult.  The assessment centre is easily the most daunting part of the whole process and the trick to passing it is to relax.  The more relaxed you are the more confident you are and the more you take part and that is exactly what they are looking for. (more…)