I didn’t expect to be given as much opportunity as I have!

For some students their work experience can help shape their future and change their career plans for ever! In this blog we hear from Amy Cossey, BA (Hons) Marketing Management, who is back working for her year 10 work experience provider after the insight they offered put her on her current career path.

Placement Student Amy Cossey

Hello, I’m Amy, I’m a 3rd year student studying Marketing Management.

I remember when I came to Manchester Metropolitan for an open day and I was first introduced to the idea of doing a placement year, I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to do as it gives you the chance to finish university with a degree and a year of work experience.

I am now on my placement year at a company called Carrs Foods International which supplies European bakery products to retailers, wholesalers, cash & carries and the catering industry. I first came to Carrs Foods for a week of work experience during school, before then I was completely set on being a teacher but after just a week at Carrs it completely changed my mind. I am now the Marketing Assistant at Carrs Foods which consists of a variety of different roles and responsibilities; from data analysis to social media to management of packaging design and artwork, so it is really giving me a chance to experience every aspect of Marketing (and eat a lot of croissants).

I have been at Carrs Foods for around 6 months now and feel I have learnt so much already, I didn’t expect to be given as much opportunity as I have! I have done presentations to the rest of the team, written packaging design briefs for new products, organised the Christmas party, presented to suppliers and even got invited to the Retail Industry Awards at The Grosvenor House Hotel in London where one of our products had been shortlisted. It’s been such an exciting six months with lots of different projects on the go that I get to contribute to and be involved with which is really good, I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for. I was also given the chance to attend a SalesOut training day which is Nisa’s online sales tracker to help suppliers look at their sales and products using different types of reports. This was a really good opening for me as it made me realise I actually enjoy looking through data and seeing product trends and, as I’m the only person at Carrs Foods who has had training in SalesOut, I get to do work on it often!

This has all happened in just six months, by the time the year has finished, I will have had even more experience that will help prepare me for the future.

Doing a placement year is one of the best decisions I have made and would definitely recommend it to anyone! An extra year at university may seem like a long time but in the scale of things it is 100% worth it.


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