Meet the team – Anna Worsley

It has been a while since our last ‘meet the team’ blog post, so here goes with mine, I’m Anna and I’m a Placements and Project Coordinator.

Anna Worsley

What does your job involve?

I support second year students in their search for placements. You’ll often find me in 1-to-1s discussing CVs, cover letters, application forms, interviews and assessment centres.  When I’m not in 1-to-1s I speak to employers who’re looking to offer placements, I co-manage our postgraduate internship programme and I manage this blog…quite a lot to squeeze into 2 days in the office!

What makes you smile at work?

Reading all the great things students are doing on placement.  I really enjoy reading all the blog posts, it’s great to hear from students and find out what they’re doing and achieving whilst out on placement.

What are your top tips for placement students?

  • Do your research before making an application.  What is it about that particular role or employer that appeals? Make sure your interest and passion shine through in your application.
  • Be sure to tailor your cover letter for each application.  It might sound like a lot of effort but it is worth it. A letter that doesn’t mention the employer, their role or say how you match what they’re looking for is unlikely to get you shortlisted.
  • Check your application/cover letter against the job specification…prove you’ve got what they’re looking for.
  • Once you start your placement don’t forget to stay in touch and write a blog for us!

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