Month: January 2015

Don’t let the big brand name scare you!

 In this blog we hear from Ryan Sloan, BA (Hons) Business, who is currently working as a Marketing Intern for Nike. Ryan tells us how he sourced his placement and offers advice for anyone looking for a placement.

Placement student Ryan Sloan

A housemate initially sent me the role saying: “this is the role for you”. I  thought no way will I get a placement with Nike, surely they are looking for all the high flying students from red brick universities, this is a job I could only dream of. But, after much thought, I decided why not? I have nothing to lose; being sceptical I didn’t expect to get a response.

However, over the Easter period, while revising for summer exams I got a call from the Nike HR Dept. asking could I do a phone interview there and then? Of course I accepted…from this I got through to the assessment day which consisted of several presentations, some group work and finally a one on one interview with two line managers. The next day they called and told me I had got the job! I had finally secured a placement, I was speechless to be honest, and there is no other way to put it! (more…)


I didn’t expect to be given as much opportunity as I have!

For some students their work experience can help shape their future and change their career plans for ever! In this blog we hear from Amy Cossey, BA (Hons) Marketing Management, who is back working for her year 10 work experience provider after the insight they offered put her on her current career path.

Placement Student Amy Cossey

Hello, I’m Amy, I’m a 3rd year student studying Marketing Management.

I remember when I came to Manchester Metropolitan for an open day and I was first introduced to the idea of doing a placement year, I instantly knew that it was something I wanted to do as it gives you the chance to finish university with a degree and a year of work experience.

I am now on my placement year at a company called Carrs Foods International which supplies European bakery products to retailers, wholesalers, cash & carries and the catering industry. I first came to Carrs Foods for a week of work experience during school, before then I was completely set on being a teacher but after just a week at Carrs it completely changed my mind. I am now the Marketing Assistant at Carrs Foods which consists of a variety of different roles and responsibilities; from data analysis to social media to management of packaging design and artwork, so it is really giving me a chance to experience every aspect of Marketing (and eat a lot of croissants). (more…)

Meet the team – Anna Worsley

It has been a while since our last ‘meet the team’ blog post, so here goes with mine, I’m Anna and I’m a Placements and Project Coordinator.

Anna Worsley

What does your job involve?

I support second year students in their search for placements. You’ll often find me in 1-to-1s discussing CVs, cover letters, application forms, interviews and assessment centres.  When I’m not in 1-to-1s I speak to employers who’re looking to offer placements, I co-manage our postgraduate internship programme and I manage this blog…quite a lot to squeeze into 2 days in the office! (more…)

A marketing placement with ALNO UK Ltd

In our first blog post of 2015 we hear from current placement student Hannah Tinker, BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management, who self-sourced her placement with ALNO UK Ltd.  Read about her placement year so far and find out how to follow in Hannah’s footsteps and apply for this placement.

Hannah Tinker

Hi I’m Hannah, a third year Advertising and Brand Management student, currently on my placement year as the marketing intern at the Head Office of ALNO UK Ltd, based in Leeds.

The phrase ‘it’s not what you know but who you know’ sums up how I got my placement; my current manager is a friend of someone I did work experience for a couple of years ago. He mentioned that ALNO – a national German kitchen retailer – was looking for some assistance in their marketing department due to the rapid expansion of the business. My name was put forward and naturally I jumped at the opportunity to secure a placement in a growing business. (more…)