My placement year first impressions

In our latest student blog Ben Wells, BA (Hons) Business Management, offers his first impressions of his year on placement.


As I finished the first month of my placement, I have really only been able to learn the basics of my job as a Manager Trainee at Housing Units. Therefore it would be difficult for me to make a full blog at this point. However what I can give is a first impression. This would mainly be how I have had to take on more responsibility then I did at university, due to the fact the people are now depending on me to take my job seriously so that the company may prosper. This has definitely been the major new experience so far; however the knowledge that I have to be somewhere 5 times a week has also been a change I have had to adapt to.

Like most students beginning their placement, the first day involved me going on an induction course. This was mostly learning about health and safety in certain areas of the workplace and then meeting certain influential members of the company, such as Department Managers and the owner of the company. This was useful as it showed me the amount of manpower that is needed to keep a company as large as Housing Units running.

Within my first month I have also gained an insight into some key areas of the company and seen areas of the business in action; such as the Customer Care Team and the Internet Team (which maintains the products for sale online). This has been helpful as it allows me to see how Housing Units runs from not just how they sell their products, but how they help customers with issues or questions after purchase. These insights into the company will help me manage my customer relations better if I ever wish to start my own company.

As you can see I have had a very productive first month and hope to keep this up. Undertaking a full-time job for the first time has definitely shown me that I am able to do more than just three days a week (at university) and I feel I have a routine more stable than that of an average student. I will send in more updates as my placement progresses.


We’re currently advertising 2 positions with Housing Units (closing date 24.04.15) to view the details log in to our vacancy system.


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