Month: December 2014

Making the most of your Christmas break

Hurray! Term has finished and you now have a lovely Christmas break to look forward to but with placement deadlines looming we’ve put together our top tips to help you make the most of your Christmas break.

christmas laptop

  • Make a shortlist

With a lot of application deadlines falling in December and January now’s the time to get logged on to our vacancy system and make a shortlist of placements you want to apply to.

Prioritise your shortlist by closing date and preference and give each application the time, effort and energy it deserves. (more…)


What is it really like working in Internal Communications at Vauxhall?

Chloe Duncan, BA (Hons) Public Relations and Digital Communications, has been working at Vauxhall for the last 4 months read about her experience so far and get an insight into her role in her blog.

I am studying (BA Hons) Public Relations and Digital Communications Management at Manchester Metropolitan University but I am currently on placement at Vauxhall Motors in Ellesmere Port.

My job title at Vauxhall is the Internal Communications Assistant so a lot of the work I do every day is very beneficial and relative to my university course. (more…)

Don’t Underestimate The Importance of Work Experience

In our latest student blog Beth Henderson, BA (Hons) Public Relations and Digital Communications, currently on placement as Content and Outreach Executive at Return on Digital explains the value of work experience.  Read about some of her experiences whilst applying for placements and her advice if you are unsure about applying for a placement year. 

Placement student Beth Henderson

It had been drilled into me throughout second year, and in fact first year, that building my CV with quality experience was going to make me stand out from the crowd, make the employer of my dreams see only me in a room of 100 applicants, help me take that first step onto my ideal career path.

However, after being one of the first students to secure a place for Agency Life, and at an amazing digital marketing agency, Return on Digital, I was quick to shrug off the pressure to transform my standard, run of the mill CV into something so exciting it makes every employer’s hearts race.

This didn’t last long. When it came to applying for placements, I realised that what my lecturers had been telling me for the last two years, was in fact the truth – fancy that! (more…)

Speculative approaches do work…a second year’s story

If there’s a company or organisation you’re interested in working for but they don’t advertise placement years is there anything you can do? Amy Chetwynd, BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management, explains how making a speculative approach got her the position of her dreams and why she thinks employers value you targeting them.

second year student, Amy Chetwynd

Hello, I am Amy and I am currently in my second year of University studying Advertising and Brand Management.

Formal introduction over, now let’s talk about internships! Got a favourite agency, company or brand? Ever thought about applying to them for your one day a week placement or placement year? I did, and it was the best decision I made. (more…)

A business placement within the NHS

In this blog Emma Hardy, BA (Hons) Business Sandwich, tells us more about her placement year at the NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group. Read on to find out more about what she does, how she secured the role and where to apply if you’re interested in this placement in 2015/16.

My Placement

I am currently on placement at the NHS Eastern Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) based in Macclesfield; which is responsible for planning, buying and monitoring healthcare services for the local population of 204,000 people. NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups are dotted around the country and are allocated a budget each year by NHS England. CCGs are responsible for commissioning healthcare services based upon the local population’s needs. (more…)

Placement searching: a student’s guide

In our latest blog Alice Sharpe, BA (Hons) Sports Management and Marketing, offers her top tips to help you in your placement search.  We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Hi I’m Alice,  a 20 year old Triathlete studying Sports Management and Marketing here at Manchester Metropolitan University. I’m currently on a placement year at Manchester City Council, where I am working as part of the Major Sports Events team. I’m really enjoying seeing my passion for sport turn into a career.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when searching for a placement so here are MY top tips;

  1. Start looking early:

Think of what sort of job field you would like to go into, check you have the right sort of experience. If you don’t you will have started early enough to go and get this experience. Look for volunteering opportunities via the Union’s Volunteer bureau; it’s a fantastic resource and a chance to network! You never know who you might meet. (more…)

My placement year first impressions

In our latest student blog Ben Wells, BA (Hons) Business Management, offers his first impressions of his year on placement.


As I finished the first month of my placement, I have really only been able to learn the basics of my job as a Manager Trainee at Housing Units. Therefore it would be difficult for me to make a full blog at this point. However what I can give is a first impression. This would mainly be how I have had to take on more responsibility then I did at university, due to the fact the people are now depending on me to take my job seriously so that the company may prosper. This has definitely been the major new experience so far; however the knowledge that I have to be somewhere 5 times a week has also been a change I have had to adapt to. (more…)

My Placement Year at DriveWorks

In our latest student blog we hear from Jessica Taylor, BA (Hons) Advertising Management and Brand Management.  Jessica tells us how she secured her placement and what she’s gaining from a year in industry.

Placement student Jessica TaylorHi, I’m Jess, a third year student studying Advertising Management and Brand Management.

Last year, doing Agency Life made me realise that even just a small amount of experience is so important to have on your CV. It gave me real world experience, something that was great to talk about when applying for placements.

A full placement year is that experience on a larger scale. Working 5 days a week in a real life company doing a real life job is invaluable.

I’m now on placement at DriveWorks as Social Media & Marketing Assistant. I have been here for 4 months and already I feel like a real employee. I have been given so much responsibility and some really exciting projects to work on – I’ve even got my own business card, fancy! (more…)

From placement year to career: 1 student’s success story

In this inspiring blog we hear the story of Kim Walker née Simpson, BA (Hons) International Business, who successfully completed her placement year in 2008/09 and is now still working for her placement provider as the Sales Manager responsible for a multi-million pound furniture retail business.

Kim Walker first joined Forest Sofa in June 2008 as a Sales and Marketing Assistant on an undergraduate placement year. Forest Sofa is a leading furniture manufacturer based in Manchester producing and distributing high quality furniture through multiple brands. (more…)