Making sure you have a purpose day to day on placement


There are some aspects of placement that get over looked when giving advice to other students. One of them being, what happens if you feel you aren’t being given a lot of responsibility and a chance to shine?

This happened to me recently and unfortunately it will happen to someone else embarking on a placement too!

It therefore only seems right to share how I quickly overcame a really rubbish, unmotivated feeling.

Let me first throw in some context so the blog post can make more sense!

I work within a team of four, looking after a company which has several brands within.  We are the ‘middle men’ between the client and our creative team. We have to ensure the marketing material produced is what the client wants.

My three colleagues are allocated a couple of brands each and day to day they will deal with any work the client sends over. However, as I am only the placement student, I will offer my assistance across all the brands.

I questioned what was completely MY responsibility when I come into work every day? Was I going to be able to leave placement feeling as though I was more than just the ‘student’?

I questioned how to get out of this rut, but I did it and here’s how:

  1.  I knew when I started this placement that I was going to be able to make it what I want, dip my toes into different areas of the business and get a lot out of the experience. It was what really attracted me to it!

So it was time to sit back and think… What is it you want to learn while you’re here then Georgina? What is it you actually want to DO day to day?

I compiled a list and organised a meeting with my boss.

  1. The meeting was treated as a way to let each other know how we thought I was getting on so far.

First, she gave me feedback and it was incredibly useful to hear her thoughts about what I was doing well and what could be improved.

Next was my opportunity to express my worries and turn my placement right back around to the right direction!

I expressed my desire to have more responsibility but I would also like to learn about copywriting on the creative team.

When the meeting was over, a ton of weight had been lifted off my shoulders. A plan of action had been put in place for me to achieve my placement goals.

I find myself so much busier during the day. I see through briefs from a client from start to finish, I’ve started contributing to the copywriting team and my work has been chosen for a brand’s new slogan!

Not only do I now feel as though I have a purpose day to day but it also demonstrates my willingness to do well and learn.

It gives a fantastic impression to your employer and they’ll remember someone like that!

I can’t stress how important it is to make yourself heard if you feel the same way as I did during placement. Be persistent and keep moving towards what you want. It’s down to you to do something about your problems, so make sure you do.

After all, you spent so much time and effort on your application, interview and buying your new shiny work shoes, so don’t let it go to waste.

I hope this is helpful, even just to one person!


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