Month: November 2014

Tips to get the most from your placement

The world of work can be a daunting place but fear not Azania McFarlane, BA (Hons) Marketing Management, has put together her top tips for making the most of your time on placement.

Azania McFarlane

Ok, so you’ve bagged the placement of your choice and finally got your foot in the door. But what’s next? It can be very overwhelming at first, but exciting too! I’ve put together a list of tips to help you out during your placement and beyond. (more…)


Your placement search, our top tips

We know that, for many, finding and applying for placements can be a long and tough process but we’re hoping these top tips, written by Julie Clare one of our Placement and Projects Co-ordinator, will help you through it.  
  • Start early – the first term of your second year is ideally when you should start to apply for placements that will commence the following summer. Large national and international organisations will advertise their placements early in the autumn term between October and January. Many of these will involve online application forms. From January onwards recruitment will open up more widely across the country and you’ll start to see more companies, including SMEs getting on-board.
  • Be open-minded – by being open minded about the type of role you want to do, pay and location, this will open up the range of possibilities available to you. If there is an employer you haven’t heard of then don’t rule them out. Do some research and find out more about them.


Placements: My Story and Lessons in Optimism


How do you secure a placement year with the highest ranked media buying agency in the Sunday Times ‘Best 100 Companies to Work For 2012’? Jake Walker, BA (Hons) Market Management, admits he’s not sure…despite securing one! Perhaps it was his humility, his confident handshake or just luck of the draw. Read his self-effacing placement musings and top tips here…


Placement student Jake Walker

A few months ago (this would be around April) I attended an interview with MEC Manchester. It was one in a long list of hopefuls; agency, in-house, didn’t matter, I was desperate. Employers I’d never even heard of at this point had rejected me, but nevertheless I remained hopeful for the Media Trainee position at MEC, a company I thought was out of reach, knowing that my hope of ever working there was but the hope of a fool. (more…)

Placement search essentials: patience and perseverance

So you’ve made some applications and feel you’re not getting very far very quickly.  Don’t worry! In our latest blog Maja Brzezinska, BA (Hons) Business Management, details her placement search, the moment she nearly gave up and why she’s glad she didn’t.

Placement student Maja Brzezinska

Hello! My name is Maja and I’m studying BA (Hons) Business Management, currently on placement with as a Marketing Assistant. I know how confused many of you feel right now – have a quick read on my placement struggle story from last year. Enjoy! (more…)

Making sure you have a purpose day to day on placement


There are some aspects of placement that get over looked when giving advice to other students. One of them being, what happens if you feel you aren’t being given a lot of responsibility and a chance to shine?

This happened to me recently and unfortunately it will happen to someone else embarking on a placement too!

It therefore only seems right to share how I quickly overcame a really rubbish, unmotivated feeling. (more…)