Studying Economics? Apply here…

If you’re looking for a placement that will let you put what you’re learning at university into practice Rachel Bentham, BA (Hons) Economics, explains why you should follow in her footsteps.

Placement student, Rachel Bentham

The main thing I have to say about placement is APPLY APPLY APPLY! Although I’m only a few months in, I already know it has 100% been the right decision for me, and although sometimes getting up at 6:30 5 times a week isn’t great, the experience makes  it more than worthwhile.

I’m an Economics student and my placement is with BASF, who although you may never have heard of- I hadn’t- they are the biggest chemical company in the world (and have UK offices that just happen to be based in Cheadle, which is a definite bonus for anyone looking for a placement in the North West). My job title is a Market Analysis Assistant, and I’m one of 3 interns based in the UK, although there are many more throughout Europe.

So far, my job has involved a mixture of different things, and it’s one of few placements I found which were specifically suited to someone with an Economics related degree. Unlike many other placements I looked at, I get to deal with real macro-economic data, and to apply the theory I’ve learned over the past 2 years at uni; something which was pretty important to me when considering which placements to apply for.

My favourite thing about my role is probably the wide range of projects I have the opportunity to work on; it is teaching me about my own strengths and weaknesses in a way I believe uni could not have done. Working can be stressful, but I find it is rewarding having colleagues recognise my efforts or praise something I am working on.

I cannot emphasise enough how much I recommend current 2nd years- especially those of you doing Economics-  to apply for placements, and in particular, this placement next year. Although working in a big company isn’t for everyone, it has given me an insight into a dynamic corporate world I would otherwise know very little about.

To finish up I just wanted to mention the Placement Team: having now met other interns from different unis I realise how lucky we are at MMU to have such a supportive placement service, and I cannot stress enough how much they helped me with applications. From a quick email to see how I was getting on to test interviews, they were a huge, huge help to me and I would really recommend keeping in touch with them throughout the time you are placement hunting!

Good luck to everyone looking for placements and if you have any questions about my job or anything else feel free to get in touch via the Placement Team.

For more information on the opportunities available at BASF for students visit their careers page


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