What is it really like working as a Junior PPC Analyst?

In this blog Keziah Davies, BA (Hons) Advertising and Brand Management, provides an insight into her time on placement as a Junior PPC (pay per click) Analyst at Quintessential Finance Ltd.  Here’s her ‘day in the life of’ overview;

Placement student, Keziah Davies

5:50 am: My several alarms, set at three minute intervals, go off. The best tip I can give here is do not press snooze no matter how tempting it is, especially when you wake up and it is still dark outside!

6:30 am: Showered and dressed, I quickly eat my breakfast (if I have the time).

6:45 am: I leave for my placement in Macclesfield. Quintessential Finance Ltd have two company car parks so I commute daily. If you do decide to commute then allow at least 15 minutes leeway – the motorways are unpredictable, and country lanes are even worse!

 8:00 am: At my desk, firing up all the required programs and usually making a coffee while this is happening. (During placement caffeine will become your best friend – trust him!)

8:15 am – Usually by now I will have retrospectively updated all the relevant spreadsheets for the paid search team. This is my responsibility every morning and not just for accounts within the UK.

10:00 am – The time in-between spreadsheets and now will be spent performing ‘due diligence’ on all live campaigns. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying and actioning waste spend within PPC, granular analysis of campaigns, and changes made in reflection of this.

12:00 pm – By lunchtime, account specific or market specific analysis and research will have been carried out in regard to performance or diversification. This is either put into place straight after sharing information with my team or after lunch.

Mornings can vary depending on the level of importance or type of tasks that need to be completed. As our PPC is B2C (business-to-consumer), there is always a small element of consumer psychology in my daily tasks. Trying to ascertain what customers want to see, and anticipating how they will try and find that content.

Reports and research conducted is not always just for the PPC team – product & business intelligence (BI), marketing, lender relations, the commercial team and the account managers all frequently share information regarding all aspects of work that we all complete. In a big data profession this is vital as informed decisions are crucial to success of marketing activities.

1pm – After lunch the spreadsheets need to be updated to reflect the morning’s data.

3pm – Afternoons at Quintessential vary tremendously so it is hard to give a ‘typical’ description of activities between 1pm and 3pm. Further work on the accounts is conducted, in line with Google’s best practices to increase efficiency, reports or research data is compiled into a clear aesthetic format for my line manager, team and other superiors.

I also maintain a ‘diary’ of steps taken for each account from my team’s activities. This is to quickly find where we left off the day before and also to prevent repeating the same mistakes.

Aside from PPC specific activities, afternoons can also be spent performing tasks in other areas of digital marketing to ensure a holistic view of our customer’s journey and our brand image, no one aspect of digital performs exclusively to another. This includes auditing content for SEO (search engine optimisation) purposes, analysing the funnel from initial search to conversion and also looking into application of social media for performance marketing.

5 pm – From 3 – 5, I usually identify areas within accounts or campaigns that need to be analysed tomorrow and discuss this with my colleague. This time is also primarily used for ‘keyword mining’, which is the process of identifying new relevant keywords to implement into new or existing campaigns.

6:30 pm – I am usually home by now although sometimes road works and rush hour can push this back slightly. With rush hour traffic the best thing you can do is find a radio station you like and relax as everyone is in the same boat as you.

Top tip #1: Allow your body time to adjust to the working week. If, like me, you were a student that frequently slept in until the afternoon then a 5:50 am start can be a shock to the system. I gradually went to bed earlier in the days leading up to my induction ensuring that I wouldn’t pass out at my desk by 11 am.

Top tip #2: Always check your emails – do not be the last to be informed.


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