Digital marketing placement prospects with iProspect

Looking for a placement in digital marketing? Placement student, Hayley Goodison, BA (Hons) Business, explains why you should apply to her employer and offers some insider hints and tips to help you follow in her footsteps.

Hayley Goodison3

Hi, my name is Hayley and I’m currently on placement as a part of my 4 year (BA) Hons in Business.

My year-long placement is with iProspect in Manchester as a Paid Search Administrator. iProspect is a global digital marketing agency who work with an array of household names such as Kelloggs, Burberry, Arcadia, GO outdoors & many more.

Speaking from an undergraduate student’s point of view I think iProspect is a great place to work if you are interested in furthering your knowledge of Digital marketing. Read on, & I’ll tell you why I think this, how I got here & what hints & tips I have for others applying iProspect.

Why iProspect? iProspect is the perfect place for students with an interest in digital marketing to undertake a placement, because when you leave to return back to Uni you will have acquired so many new skills, gained knowledge of working for an industry leading multichannel agency & increased your employability. I think this is because at iProspect you are encouraged to personally & professionally develop as soon as you get here, they offer continuous training in online and offline channels including TV, Cinema, Press, Print, Out of Home, Display, SEO etc. You also are given the opportunity to do a PDP, attend industry events, gain accreditations from Google, Bing & the IPA and improve your levels of communication, time management, and professional manner.

In my first few weeks at iProspect I was made to feel like a valuable member of staff no matter what level you are at, & they often express they want students to return to the company, which brings a sense of security to the job & motivates you to work harder.

All the employees from the top down are friendly, approachable & the social side here is great (check out my photos)!

Hayley Goodison1

Application Process – The application process was fairly simple, there were no long application forms, no assessments & no requests for a cover letter, all that was required was my CV – which for me was a winner straight away. I applied for 3 roles that were advertised. Even though I was not asked to write a cover letter, I did as it just shows to the employer from the get go that you are willing to go the extra mile. So if you decide to apply at iProspect, I suggest you write one too. The communication with HR recruitment at iProspect is excellent, any questions were answered quickly & information was sent through before the interview so you had plenty of information to help you prepare. Preparation is key!

I got an interview quickly after applying & was asked to do a 5 minute presentation. If you do not like presenting do not fear, everyone was really welcoming – plus they give you biscuits & treats. I had an interview on the same day too, a tip if you apply here is to be honest with the employers about your skills & understanding of digital marketing because at iProspect, the training is so thorough that not knowing something will not affect your chances of getting the job. The next day I had the follow up phone call to say whether I got the job, so there was no anxious waiting around for weeks on end like some other employers. In terms of start dates, I was able to choose when would be best for me to start if I was going to start before September demonstrating how flexible iProspect as a company are.

 My advice to anyone thinking of doing a placement:-

  1. If you have a genuine interest in digital marketing, apply to iProspect
  2. If you do the module ‘Agency Life’, iProspect take students on, so if you are thinking of applying here it would be a good way to get your foot in the door
  3. Put 100% effort in to writing your CV & writing tailored cover letters, your hard work will pay off in the end
  4. Most importantly don’t give up when you’re applying for placements, the company you might think is the right one for you might not be the one. You will always end up where you need to be, whether that means that you will realise the industry is perfect for you or that you absolutely hate it.

Hayley Goodison2The range of skills you can learn from doing a placement are endless & therefore will make you super employable & if you’re lucky the company might even ask you to return once you’ve finished Uni. So give it a go & good luck in your search for a placement.





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