Starting points: placement application advice

Just starting your search? Don’t miss these application hints and tips from our placement student, Rob Armistead, BA (Hons) Marketing Management.


Placement student, RobMy name is Rob Armistead and I am currently on a placement year at GE Healthcare and student of the MMU Marketing Management course. GE are the one of the biggest firms in the world, ranked 9th on the Fortune 500 with revenues of $146 Billion last year. GE Healthcare is a segment of the GE organisation and headquartered in the UK, just outside of London.

My role within GE Healthcare is Launch and Lifecycle Marketing Intern and I work with teams all around the world assisting them with tools and resources that help their product launches go smoothly and help them be more efficient in the process. My role has taught me more in the past 3 months than I could possibly imagine and given me connections all over the world that I could have never of had without the placement, and also something incredible to go on my CV.

As I know that many of you are looking at placements now as you start the year I thought I would give you some tips on how to start and then as the year goes on I shall post more blogs align with the stages you’ll be at.

Application Process


 The thing that surprised me the most about looking for placements was how quickly they come and go. When I started my second year there was a lot of rumours that Manchester based placements came out later and therefore you didn’t need to bother looking just yet. All those people that said that didn’t get placements because they were then not switched on and ready for one to come out, even if some placements did come out later. The majority of placements come out in October time so I can’t tell you how much you need to start now, but be assured this isn’t as scary as it sounds.

I suggest getting your CV in good shape, writing up a cover letter and getting word doc references from places you have worked (most online applications provide you with space to upload references and that goes a long way). Once you have done these 3 things you are in a fantastic position and then when a placement comes along you can then tailor your cover letter and CV to suit what that business is looking for.

 2. Use the Placement Team

 I can’t begin to explain how useful the placement team at MMU are when it comes to helping you with this. Use them! They are there just to help you so make the most of it. I suggest that once you have written your CV and Cover Letter to book in a time early to see someone and they will give you great suggestions on how to improve it and if you have an interview they will work with you and the criteria from the company to make sure you are showing them everything they want.

Where to find placements was what I thought was going to be the hardest thing to do but it wasn’t. The main 3 three places are:  The MMU placement site which is constantly updated, and your own searches. I would say the first 2 are the main ones to use but then have a think about companies you want to work for, make a list and Google phrases like ‘’GE Marketing Placements 2015’’. If the company offers a placement, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find it quickly on Google.GE logo


3. Don’t be disheartened

Unfortunately, there has to be some honestly about looking for placements. With some companies, they can often choose to not even give you an interview, and with some places not even bother replying. But this must not stop you from looking and working hard to get one because you will eventually!

You have to apply to as many as you possibly can and not expected that you can just apply to one place you love and hope to get it. Being realistic is key, but never give up hope!

4. Don’t be boring

Finally, when applying for placements, make sure you stand out. These companies are going to be receiving hundreds of applications so you must make sure you stand out by being a bit different. This could be having a QR code on your CV to a blog site you run or hyperlinks to things etc. Try to think outside the box and give the reader something that makes them stop on yours, because if you don’t catch their eye, it makes it much easier for them to just miss it.

I hope this has given you some good insights into what you are about to go through and it isn’t something you should be nervous about, it’s something you should go into with an open mind and make sure you are prepared, because once a placement is gone, its gone!


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