Before you apply: 3 words that can change your placement

Before you apply our regular blogger, Georgina, tells us how you can make yourself stand out with just three words.



In my previous blog post, I very briefly mentioned how to make sure your application is given the time you will think it deserves. However, afterwards I had a thought. A light bulb moment if you will. How can you make your application an absolute knock out if you haven’t done anything in your spare time to prove your passion for the industry/job role?

I have three words for you that can potentially turn your application process on its head and make you a real contender. I really believe it helped me anyway!

So.. What are these three magical words you so badly want to hear? Go Think Big. Right now they may not seem as good as the ‘other’ three little words but give me a moment to explain. is a website created by some clever graduates who saw a real problem in the market. Students at that time were not being given enough opportunities to make themselves more employable, after or even during University.

When I used to think of work experience I only imagined working in a stuffy office being fobbed off with the jobs no one else could be bothered to do. Go Think Big on the other hand work with huge brands such as O2, Grazia, FHM, Empire, Heat, Kiss, Kerrang and more to give you USEFUL experience.

By signing up to this website, you’ll be presented with regular opportunities. One day there could be the chance to spend the day working behind the scenes of a top television programme, or maybe spend an afternoon in the presence of some highly successful names in Business who gives you some one-off and inspirational advice.

Recently, they had an exclusive opportunity to apply to five different areas behind the scenes of a Rudimental gig!

They even write regular interesting and humorous blog posts giving you tips and advice about anything and everything to do with employability.

Go Think Big opportunities can give you the biggest insight into your dream job before you apply to it for your placement year. You might find that it is in actual fact a complete nightmare and you’ve saved yourself a year of hell!

All you have to do is set aside some time to write a CV and cover letter tailored to the opportunity (remember that they are there to give you opportunities, so don’t worry if you don’t think you stand a chance – the whole point of Go Think Big is to help  build on your employability and CV).

Within a couple of months, you could have added something interesting to your placement application about yourself and you look like someone who truly wants to do well in your chosen industry.

So then.. Re-schedule your date with your favourite series on Netflix and have a good snoop on Go Think Big. You will want to give yourself enough time to find one worth doing and to carry it out before you apply to a placement you have set your heart on.

I really hope this helps!



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