Meet the team – Julie Clare

In the second installment of our ‘Meet the team’ series we hear from Julie Clare

What’s your job & what does it involve?

I’m a Placement and Projects Coordinator. My role involves supporting students through the placement process, from thinking about what type of roles they want to apply for, where to search for them, putting a CV or application together and preparing for interview.  I’m also involved in projects such as planning the Insight day. An afternoon where students who have been out on placement come back to tell students who are starting their search for a placement about the placement process and share insights into what they learnt along the way.

 What makes you smile at work?

Hearing that another student has secured a placement or a graduate opportunity at the end if their placement!

What skills do you need to be successful in your job?

  • People skills as you’ll meet lots of different types of people from different courses and backgrounds.
  • A careers advice background is useful to have knowledge about putting together a CV, developing job search skills and preparing for an interview.  I’ve worked in careers advice for 10 years outside of HE so I hope I have a lot of useful advice to offer.

 What are your top tips for placement students?

  •  Don’t forget how important YOU are in the placement application process. Whilst skills, qualifications and experience are important when applying for any job, whether it is a placement or graduate opportunity, personality and attitude are really important too.
  •  When applying for any role TAILORING the application is really important. Sending the same one size fits all CV or application for every opportunity is unlikely to work. The employer wants to see that you’ve thought about the role they are advertising and how you match that role and how you’ll fit within that team and company. It does take time to tailor each application but it is time well spent and will increase your chance of success.
  • Invest time and be proactive in applying for jobs. Sign up to vacancy alerts so you get to hear about opportunities as soon as they are advertised. Use social media to find opportunities by following people on Twitter and Facebook (including the MMU Business Placements team). Learn more about how to make successful applications by checking out relevant blogs and websites for hints and tips.
  •  Don’t give up! If you apply for one or two and aren’t successful, use it as a learning process. Take time to reflect on what you did and how you can do it differently next time. If you’re struggling to secure a placement and need help or a bit of motivation, get in touch with the Placement Team.

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