Meet the team – Hayley Wright

Hopefully you’ll get to know us over the year as we work with you on your placement search, rejoice in a placement offer and wave you off to the wonderful world of work (hopefully without too much paperwork chasing along the way!) To let you get to know us a little better we’ll publish a series of  ‘meet the team’ posts.

In the first of the series meet Hayley.

HayleyMy name’s Hayley and I am a Placement and Project Coordinator. My role involves helping our students find valuable placement and work experience opportunities that will help you get to wherever you want to be.

I also work closely with employers to increase the opportunities available and manage the HRM MSc placements programme.


What skills do you need to be successful in your job?

I think you need to be a good listener and take the time to understand each students needs and priorities. I also think you need to be someone who is generally interested in learning and building your knowledge, as things are constantly changing in the world of recruitment!


What are your top tips for placement students?

-Make sure you do what is right for you, don’t get too tied down with what friends are doing or what your family want you to do.

-Don’t dismiss a placement based on the company or the job title- be broad minded and read the role descriptions. Just because you haven’t heard of a company doesn’t mean it couldn’t be perfect for you!

-Be brave! Throw yourself into the process, use our support, learn from your mistakes and see yourself grow as a person

-Don’t undersell yourself. If you see a placement you’d love to apply for but don’t think you have a chance, speak to me. If there’s one thing I’m good at it’s pep talks!


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